WebAR using apple quick look (USDZ)

ERROR: VISIT THIS PAGE ON iOS12 to view the models in AR

Static 3D model (.usdz format)


Animated 3D model with button interaction: 3D Scan + Motion Capture (.reality format)


Face tracking (.reality format)


Static 3D models can be converted to .usdz in Unity using the USD plugin or using the python tools from apple (requirex xcode).

For animation, the best workflow I found was to convert the models to .gltf (in Blender or through sketchfab) and then convert it to .usdz using the phyton tools.

Interaction, sound and custom behaviours can be added using Reality Composer , which can generate a .reality that can be embedded on any webpage. Reality Composer can only import .usdz files, image files and audio file (no other 3D format).

More examples can be found here .